Prime Firmware 2.12

Latest iMRS Prime firmware 2.12 is available for download now. Download the firmware from This post will summarizes some of the key enhancement in 2.12

Enhancement & Fixes

  • Newly implemented language “French”!
  • No more window “initializing applicators” as in 2.08, the applicator control will now immediately assign each plugged-in applicator without any further wait time (and show instant failure message in case an applicator is malfunctioning or has a connection problem)!
  • Applicator icon additionally displays connected side of the plugged applicator (“left” or “right”) at Connector box (very helpful for Split Mode applications)!
  • Better automatic fine-tuning of volume ratio “tones – music”!
  • Automatic shutdown in case of FIR overheat – Exagon FIR will not run hot anymore on Standby!
  • Additional error messages implemented in case of component failures (referring to Exagon applicators, Exagon Brain)!
  • No more audio channel assignment necessary (with Exagon Brain)
  • Reported bugs have been eliminated!

In addition, the follow issues are fixed in this version

  • Automatic FIR heating turn-off while in Pause/Standby-Mode
  • No more “crackling” noises during an Exagon Brain application
  • Goggles can now be selected in Program Mode
  • Music/Tones volume ratio is now selectable in settings
  • Correction of various typos


For those who currently are already running 2.0 or 2.01 firmware, you may directly upgrade to this firmware version, by pass version 2.08. Do note that 2.08 is the minimum version to support the use of Exagon BRAIN.