Log a Support Case


All our iMRS and Omnium1 customers are entitled to service support directly by our worldwide offices. Always check with your lifestyle consultant on how to log a support case properly to ensure a timely response. There are several things to note however to make sure the process is smooth

  • The country of purchase. Please note that all supporting cases will route to the responsible office based on the country of purchase, regardless of where you are residing now. Say for instance if you purchase the item in the USA and now you are in Australia, your case will first route to the US office and supported by them. Only when there is any need for replacement or further troubleshooting, the office will re-route your case to the responsible office based on your current location, i.e. Singapore office.
  • To log a support case, you need two pieces of information on hand – your customer ID and the e-mail you used in your sales-order form. Your customer ID can be found in the top right section of your invoice. It should be a seven-digit numeric, starting 100xxxx.
  • If there is a need to send back the item for investigation/replacement, a one-way shipping cost is borne by the customer. Swiss Bionic Solutions will cover the return shipping cost.

Notification of new support case ticket will send to your immediate sponsor for their attention and for them to serve as 1st level support. However, in the event you are not receiving any assistant from your sponsor, you can escalate the ticket# to cs@imrsasia.com for further assistant. All support requests to cs@imrsasia.com must be accompanied by a valid support ticket#.

CLICK HERE TO GO SUPPORT SITE (https://support.swissbionic.com/support)


If you are a sponsor or you already have done a preliminary diagnostic and have some idea what could be the problem, you can send your problem directly to cs@imrsasia.com (applicable for only Asia customers) for quicker response, quoting the support ticket#.

Please provide us the following information if you don’t have a support ticket#.

  1. Customer ID/Invoice ID/Customer Name (registered in System)
  2. System Model & serial number :
    (for Prime, this will be the connector box serial number, for iMRS, this will be the 6 digits serial number at the bottom of the controller. For Omnium1, this will be the serial number of your tablet).
  3. Problem description and what you have tried already.

We do suggest you visit https://imrsasia.com/resources or https://imrsprime.com/support, https://omnium1.com (FAQ Section) for some common issues and FAQ before contacting us.

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