Product Warranty

Warranty for iMRS Prime, iMRS and Omnium1 systems are between 6 months to 3 years, depending on the item itself. Always refer to the user manuals for the product warranty. Following list the manufacturer’s warranty coverage. Please refer to our official customer service policies


  • Touch Control Panel, Connector box, Exagon PEMF/FIR Applicator – 3 Years
  • Exagon Sense, Exagon Brain, Power Adapter – 6 months

iMRS System

  • Controller, Applicators (Full-Body Mat, Pillow, Probe) – 3 Years
  • iMORE, iSLRS and power adapter – 6 months


  • D/A Converter, OmniMat, OmniPad, OmniSpot – 3 Years
  • Tablet – 1 Year
  • OmniBrain, Power Adapter and other accessories – 6 months

Extended Warranty

Swiss Bionic Solutions offer Carefree 48 and Carefree 60, basically a 1 and two years warranty extension to the default manufacturer’s warranty for the key components. You can also purchase a separate 2-years extended warranty for iMRSone 2.0 Omnium1 tablet.

Following components are covered by extended warranty:

  • Control Panel / Tablet
  • D/A converter, Connector box
  • PEMF/Hybrid Applicators (i.e. Mat, Pad, Spot, Probe, FIR Mat)

Following components are NOT covered by extended warranty

  • All accessories including 20 pin cable, power adapter
  • OmniBrain, iSLRS or Exagon Brain
  • iMORE, Exagon Sense

Return of Faulty Item

  • The customer is responsible for the shipping of the faulty item to the nearest service centre in the region.
  • For items under warranty, Swiss Bionic Solutions will cover a 1-way return shipping of the replacement or repaired item back to the customer, using any shipping method it sees fit.
  • In the event the item returned from Customer is not faulty or the fault is not covered under warranty, the customer will have to cover both way shipping cost, including returning of the item back to them.
  • For sending back a faulty item to the service office for further investigation:

Dead on Arrival (DOA) / Shipping Damage Coverage (For Asia only)

  • In the event of any product damages or issues within the first 30 days of product received (including replacement / repaired components) due to manufacturer’s or product issues, or damages from shipping, we will cover the full cost of return shipping of faulty component to our service office for inspection, repair or replacement.
  • Please request us to issue you a free return label for you to ship the item.

Warranty Coverage

The manufacturer’s warranty covers any manufacturing and product issues. It does not cover damages caused by customers, or wear-and-tear (i.e. aesthetic) related issues that do not impact the functionality of the system. If there is any sign of tampering of equipment, the warranty is considered void.