Sales Order Form

All sales order for the Asia Pacific can be submitted through online purchase or offline via the sales order form. Regardless of the mode of payment mode you choose, we will need to review the order before charging the total amount including shipping. Following is what we recommend

1. Submitting a sales order for a customer who doesn’t want to sign-up as 7CR distributor. Use offline sales-order-form

2. Submitting sales order for new distributor – i.e. new customer who wish to sign-up as 7CR distributor. Use online sales order and distributor sign-up. Follow the steps below:

Go to 

Step 1: Choose your Country

Step 2: Choose your Plan. For new purchase, choose to buy Omnium1 / iMRS products and register as a Lifestyle Consultant for the SBS 7CR Plan

Step 3: Choose your Sponsor. Make sure the correct sponsor is selected. The system will filter out all available sponsors by Last Name and Country. If no result is filtered using your last name, try using the sponsor’s First name.

Choose the correct sponsor (if multiple are shown) and continue.

Step 4: Key in your Personal Data and Bank Details (for commission payout) 

Step 5: Username, Website and Password. This is where you decide your subdomain name. For instance, if you choose a username as healthycells, then your official website will be You still can change the username after creation by logging into the back office and edit them under your profile.

Step 6: Choose the Product to order.

Change the Count from 0 -> 1 for the item you wish to place order.

You may choose a different shipping address

Step 7: Payment Option. Here you can choose to make payment via credit card or bank transfer (pre-payment). For credit card payment, key in the credit card details for us to charge offline.  With this option, you will no longer need to wait for us to send you an e-invoice with a URL link for you to make payment.  We will only send you e-Invoice to you if we fail to do offline credit card charging with the information provided.

If you choose Pre-Payment, you will receive an e-mail from us on the bank account details. Do note that you need to factor in shipping fee when making payment.

Step 8: Verification

You have to accept the term and Policies and Go to next step to complete the sales order and 7CR distributor sign-up. We recommend you to print out step 8 as a reference of the details you key in during sign-up, as the last step will only reflect the summary of the sign-up. You will also receive your new distributor ID upon completion of the sign-up.  For the future update of particulars, password, bank details, you have to log in to your backoffice – i.e. <your username> –> LOGIN ->  Edit Profile.

3. The advantage of the online sign-up is you can get your distributor ID immediately, and you can now start to sponsor new sales. However, your personal purchase must be completed before any new sales so the commission can be recognized by the system.