Credit Card Payment Issues

If you are encountering issues with credit card payment, the following are some of the common reasons

  • Your credit card transaction limit, especially for overseas transactions.
  • Your bank might have blocked the transaction. This is the most common issue due to the security measure due to increased overseas fraudulent transactions. You will need to call your bank to inform them about this transaction. If needed, let them know the merchant/billing organization is from Hong Kong, the company is Swiss Bionic Solutions, and payment platform is through PayPal.
  • If you have transaction limit, you can request for split amount payment through different credit cards. If you are receiving an e-invoice or paying through, you can simply enter the amount you wish to pay and perform multiple payments using different credit cards.
  • If all things fail, you can also request someone to make the payment on behalf using their credit card, and you may settle the payment among yourself.
  • You can also consider using bank transfer
  • Please note that PayPal is only our transaction platform. They do not usually block the credit card payment as they do not control the incoming fund. They, however, may hold a fund for further verification after a successful payment if they think is necessary to safe guard the interest of the merchant.