Distributor Sign-up & Online Order

Now, you can submit your sales order form and signing up as 7CR distributor in a single process. For existing iMRS customers,  you can also download and fill up the distributor-sign-up form.  and submit to asia@swissbionic.com. You can also follow the steps below to register your customer as 7CR distributor.

Go to  https://swissbionic.com/register

Step 1: Choose the country (where you purchased the item). Options available for registration will be dependent on the on of registration.

Step 2: Choose Sign-Up option

Already a registered and active LifeStyle Consultants? Choose “NO

If you are existing iMRS customer, choose “YES“, else for new purchase and sign-up as new distributor, choose “NO

If you choose “YES” in Step 2 – already a customer, the system will prompt you to enter your Customer ID & registered email.

Your Customer ID/E-mail. The customer ID can be found in your official invoice. This usually is a 7-digit number i.e. 1000xxx. The E-mail you enter MUST BE THE SAME as the email you used for purchase. If you didn’t provide any e-mail address during the purchase registration, you will have to inform the office to update your e-mail address first before you are able to proceed with registration. Send your Name & customer ID to asia@swissbionic.com for the record to be updated.

Step 4-1: Personal Data – Key in the particulars. The information will be pre-filled if you choose you are existing customer in Step 2. This information can be updated also in your distributor’s dashboard, so just ensure you have filled in all the mandatory fields *.

Step 4-2: Personalized Website
This is where you name your website. Your username is the same as your subdomain. For instance, if you choose “mypemf” as your username, then your personalized website will be https://mypemf.swissbionic.com. Therefore choose the name carefully. We advise you not to use an overly complicated and long name, so it’s easier for your prospect to remember.

Step 4-3: Choose Plan

There is only 1 plan avaiable for Asia/Pacific distributor – that’s the 7CR Plan.

Step 5 – Choose your Sponsor

If you are signing up as a new customer, you will be prompted for a Sponsor. Please check with your sponsor (who sell you the system). If you have no sponsor, you can contact sg@swissbionic.com for more information.

Step 6: Order Products
This is probably one of the most confusing steps in the entire sign-up process, due to various legacy ordering and signup processes in other countries. You will see the full order screen for all orderable components. For main system bundle, you can only choose 1. To order more than 1 system under the same account, please contact asia@swissbionic.com for assistant.

6-1: Choose NO. There is no rental program in Asia.

6-2: Choose one of the products that you already purchase. It does really matter here. For instance, choose 65930P40 iMRS Professional SET Promo-xxx, enter quantity 1. The system will not allow you to proceed if you don’t enter a figure at least.

Click on GO TO NEXT STEP button

Step 7 Payment
When prompted for payment, you may choose Credit Card or Pre-Payment for purchase. If you choose Credit Card, enter the credit card details. The office will verify the order information and will directly bill the final amount to your card. If you choose pre-payment (payment using bank transfer), you will receive a separate email from Swiss Bionic on the bank details.

Do note the amount reflected in the order form now is only the product pricing. The final amount will add the shipping cost.

Step 8: Verify your Data
In this step, the final step of sign-up in fact, you will be prompted with a screen with all the information you have entered. Correct any information by clicking on respective step at the menu bar above

Upon verification, please do a PRINT SCREEN of this page as this provides you with the summary details of your distributor profiles. You won’t able to see the same screen once you get into Step 9. The last step is to accept the term and policies before completing the sign-up. Once you hit the step 9, you will be presented with the summary and at the same, your immediate sponsor and yourself will receive an email on your successful registration.

Congratulation! you are now a registered 7cr distributor. Take note of the new 5 digit number assigned to you (i.e. 8xxxx). Always use this number under the Sponsor ID field of the sales order form when you place a new order for your customer.

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