Terms & Conditions of Sales & Purchase

The following Terms & Conditions shall apply to all sales and purchase of iMRS products (including Prime, iMRS, Omnium1 systems).

  1. SWISS BIONIC products do not come with a Money-Back Guarantee and sales are final once the product is shipped out from our office.
  2. The official warranty is published in the Operator’s Manual and/or User’s Guide (Scope of the product package). In case of loss, a copy can be obtained by request from Swiss Bionic Solutions. (Refer here for summary for products warranty)
  3. SWISS BIONIC Product(s) are NOT intended to be used for the purpose(s) of diagnosing, treat, cure, prevent or mitigate ANY particular disease or illness.
  4. Information and opinions expressed anywhere on the Swiss Bionic Solutions website, e-mail, or in printed materials are NOT intended to be medical advice.
  5. Opinions expressed by any independent consultants of Swiss Bionic Solutions may not be construed as providing medical advice.
  6. SWISS BIONIC Products are NOT intended to replace conventional and/or alternative medical treatments but are to be used as an adjunctive application for general wellness benefits and improvements.
  7. All device users agree to read operational directions, contradictions and warnings prior to use of the device.
  8. Any existing health problems or concerns should be discussed and/or diagnosed by a physician.
  9. iMRS and Omnium1 (iMRS one) products are FDA-listed in the USA as medical devices Class I (Electric Massager), iMRS is Health Canada-certified as a Class II medical device and also certified as a Class II medical device within the European Union.
    (Please note the latest certification for Prime & Omnium1 is under revision with respective authorities)
  10. The customer/purchaser confirms that after receiving the product(s) he or she will arrange for an activation/installation session with the certified Swiss Bionic Solutions LifeStyle Consultant in order to be able to use the device correctly and safely.
  11. The undersigned releases Swiss Bionic Solutions and its Independent Representatives, from all and any claims, demands, legal actions and/or expenses; including and not limited to any personal injury or death deemed by any authorization as a result of the use of a Swiss Bionic Solutions product