Prime Firmware 2.15

New firmware release Version 2.15 – Release 10th August 2021

Prime 2.15 firmware is now available for download.


  • Minimal firmware level 2.00 or higher
  • The upgrade between 2.0x will not require you to reenter activation code. However we do recommend you to get your activation code ready on hand.

Bugs fixed:

  • Music can be now selected on the right side of the Split Mode.
  • Music now resuming in Split Mode after pausing.
  • Colors of Exagon Brain are now correctly emitted with the iGUIDE and in Trial Mode.
  • Italian iGUIDE has been corrected and updated.
  • System does not crash anymore when adding 10+ users in Trial Mode.
  • HRV recording files after consecutive applications are now always separated.
  • One touch deleting of data recording (record management) has been implemented.


  • FIR adjustment changed from temperature values to a linear scale = global equality, (10 steps, 10%-100% of the exposed heating capacity). This amendment has been performed to easier create reproducible protocols, which later on can be integrated within the iGUIDE database. Also, you may consider, that the actual temperature (intensity) of the emitted FIR radiation is not the only crucial parameter, it is also the wavelength (frequency) of the FIR waves, which are responsible for a treatment success (almost same approach than with PEMF, hereby intensity AND frequency).
  • Instructions for use are now approved and updated in compliance with MDR 2017/745 and available on the screen in four languages: English, German, Italian, French.
  • All language versions of the instructions for use will now be displayed “full screen”.
  • Reported typos in all languages have been corrected

You can download the latest firmware here: