Prime Firmware 2.12

Latest iMRS Prime firmware 2.12 is available for download now. Download the firmware from This post will summarizes some of the key enhancement in 2.12

Enhancement & Fixes

  • Newly implemented language “French”!
  • No more window “initializing applicators” as in 2.08, the applicator control will now immediately assign each plugged-in applicator without any further wait time (and show instant failure message in case an applicator is malfunctioning or has a connection problem)!
  • Applicator icon additionally displays connected side of the plugged applicator (“left” or “right”) at Connector box (very helpful for Split Mode applications)!
  • Better automatic fine-tuning of volume ratio “tones – music”!
  • Automatic shutdown in case of FIR overheat – Exagon FIR will not run hot anymore on Standby!
  • Additional error messages implemented in case of component failures (referring to Exagon applicators, Exagon Brain)!
  • No more audio channel assignment necessary (with Exagon Brain)
  • Reported bugs have been eliminated!

In addition, the follow issues are fixed in this version

  • Automatic FIR heating turn-off while in Pause/Standby-Mode
  • No more “crackling” noises during an Exagon Brain application
  • Goggles can now be selected in Program Mode
  • Music/Tones volume ratio is now selectable in settings
  • Correction of various typos


For those who currently are already running 2.0 or 2.01 firmware, you may directly upgrade to this firmware version, by pass version 2.08. Do note that 2.08 is the minimum version to support the use of Exagon BRAIN.


Prime Firmware 2.08

Release date: 21-Jan-2021. Prime 2.08 firmware is available for download now

Prformance and stability improvements:

  • Disabling selection of pad and spot in “Programming Mode” while using Exagon Sense
  • Fewer detection failures while plugging and unplugging applicators very fast and very often. Implementation of a new screen message for applicator initialization. No operation possible until all applicators are detected and assigned:
    ApplicatorInitialisation English
  • Application stability improvement, especially with longer sessions (no more unexpected drop-outs)
  • Failure message “Set all parameters” eliminated
  • Correction of several typos

The following additional function is now available:

  • Complete control and operating surface for Exagon Brain (incl. operation of 2 independent Exagon Brain systems in “Split Mode”)

Download firmware 2.08 here

Be aware, that any firmware with a 1.XX version (you can check your version by simply go to “Settings” and then “System Information”) needs to be upgraded to 2.00 prior to the upgrade of any version higher than 2.00! The reason for that is based on the fact, that we changed data separation from version 2.00 in order to speed up the update process and save time while uploading new files!

Download Firmware 2.00 here

If you have upgraded to 2.08, DO NOT downgrade the firmware to 2.00 again. This may crash the system.

If you own a system, which is already updated to 2.00 or higher, you can skip this chapter and action!

Important Note: Make sure, that you have your activation code on hand, in order to reprogram all your iMRS prime options after the update process. You can find your activation code on your invoice. If you are not able to find it, please contact your respective country office, they will provide it to you!

Once firmware 2.08 has been installed, a new pop-up window will appear asking you to assign the internal speakers. This setting is necessary to prepare the iMRS prime for the Exagon Brain functionality. The iMRS prime will hereby automatically play a melody and ask you to confirm the audibility of the internal speakers. This step has to be performed initially only once as the iMRS prime will save the setting afterwards (it needs to be only repeated after a factory reset or a forced reboot), see also screenshot below:

audio config prime en

After completing this step, the iMRS prime is ready for use!

Potential Issues you may face after upgrading to 2.08

Due to some new features introduced in 2.08 in the applicators detection process, if your system gets stuck at the initializing applicators screen for more than 5 minutes. If you are facing this issue, please refer to this KB: on how to troubleshoot the problem.


iMRS Prime Organizer and Travel Bag

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iMRS PRIME Organizer Bag – Inside View

The iMRS Prime Travel Bag can also fit the older iMRS Full-body Mat.


Software Update for iMRSone 2.0 Omnium1

Latest Software Update for iMRSone App and OmniBrain App  on 2 Feb 2020 – Version 4.1.20011x


1. application timer

You can now program a session to automatically start a session of Fast Start Program or a manually predefined session at a specific time of the day. You can also choose between one-time activation or daily repetition.

2. Pause Function

You are now able to pause an active application anytime during the session and continue it without losing the preselected configuration.

3. Fast Start Programs – OmniBrain

All Fast Start Programs offer now fully synchronized OmniBrain-settings, such as predefined colour as well as predefined frequency range (Organ Clock), no further manual settings needed!

4. Music Playlists

The new update allows you to create playlists out of the list of uploaded titles. They can then be selected from the designated window prior to an application.

5. User profile Notification

If you start an application from the existing User Profile, the selected user Profile will be displayed in the header of the application screen.


If you would like to perform a separate Brain Wave Entrainment session, all Fast Start Programs are available now as well. The user may only select the brightness for individual comfort.


Both apps have been expanded to include the languages “Traditional Chinese” and “Simplified Chinese”.

These updates only apply to the iMRSone 2.0 Omnium1 (Grey Housing).

Please update both Apps on your Omnium1 2.0 to benefit from all the functions described above! For further instruction on the upgrade, please refer to the link below: (item 6)